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What is The Yoga Mat?

The Yoga Mat is new revolutionary yoga mat that improves your yoga practice.

It is made of Biograde natural rubber and is free of toxins.

The mat absorbs your sweat as you practice so you never slide or slip on the yoga mat.

Alignment lines on The Yoga Mat

The alignment lines are designed to get your postures correct.

The centre square is for your Mountain pose (tadasana) Fierce pose(utkatasana) and other standing postures. 

The centre line is to get you heel to arch line correct in standing postures like Warrior Series (virabadharasanas)

The front mat line are to align your Sunsalutations (surya namaskar) Handstand (adhomukha vrksasana) Elbow Stand (pincamayurasana) Scorpion pose (vricikasana) and you you choose.

The Yogveda tree in the the centre represents you two chakras in the brain Ajna chakra and Sahasrar chakra, your enlightenment.

The Yoga Mat Pro

The Yoga Mat pro is 180x66 centimetres, 4mm thick mat and weighs about 2 kgs

The Yoga Mat pro is the bets option for your home and studio yoga practice, it is the best options for professional Yoga studios.

The Yoga Mat lite

The Yoga Mat lite is the same size as The Yoga Mat pro 180x66 centimetres, the only difference is it is 2mm thick and weighs about 1.3 kgs.

The Yoga Mat lite is your best travel companion. It offers the same alignment help and non slip qualities and the pro version but is half as thick than The Yoga Mat pro.

Taking care of The Yoga Mat

The Yoga Mat is simple to take care of, it absorbs all the sweat and fat from your skin which can leave marks for your hard practice and is nice to see.

To clean wipe of with luke warm damp cloth with light soap if you think it looks dirty and hang to dry (not in the sun).

Don't use any hard chemicals to clean and do not wash in the washing machine.

Who created The Yoga Mat

Shahid Khan is a long time yoga practitioner and a Yoga teacher

He has studied with the Iyengar family in Pune India and is from Pune India and presently teaches in Bern Switzerland.

He has developed his own Yoga method called Yogveda Yoga.During his teaching he always had to explain how to align on the mat and that took a lot of class time and correction time, so decided to design a mat that save class time and correction time and the yogis can easily align on the mat weather at home or the yoga studio.

Who is The Yoga Mat for?

For everyone who is serious about their Yoga practice

No matter what yoga style you practice, the principles of yoga asanas always remain the same. for example the placements and alignments of legs and arms in sun salutations (surya namaskar), Triangle pose (trikonasana) or scorpion pose (vricikasana).

if your distance and alignment is not correct the posture will be wrong.


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